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Twentieth China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE)


Twentieth China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE):

Exhibition introduction

China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) has been successfully held nineteen, along with China's cosmetics industry to grow together, is now recognized by the cosmetics industry as the first beauty show in China, a unique industry leader, the influence of the industry come out on top. With more than a decade of success, China Beauty Expo will once again leap forward in 2015 to a record 120,000 square meters of exhibition space and 6,000 international standard booths, attracting a total of 1,502 exhibitors from home and abroad, attracting 31 provinces and cities from all over China 215200 various types of cosmetics sales channels in the autonomous region terminal buyers and agents to attend the show, as China's most authoritative integrated beauty cosmetics industry chain platform unique charm event.

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